If you're looking for help in your M. Tech thesis or Ph.D. Thesis, well done! You're in exactly the right place. At Research & Development Division, we specialize in helping candidates for advanced degrees turn in the high-quality, well written research papers needed to give you the best chance of completing your course. Whatever your subject and whatever the help you need, Research & Development Team can provide it. Unlike most other, we will help you to choose the right and emerging fields of your specified branch and interest, help you in preparation of synopsis to final submission along with two research papers mandatory for thesis submission. We have a great team having good number of researchers of almost all areas of specialization from all over world which may help you in all respect. You have to mention the broad area of your interest only and we will start suggesting you the variety of recent trends and after approval of your supervisors we will help you.


Research & Development Division publishes two international journals under the umbrella of its sister concern “ASIAN RESEARCH & TRAINING PUBLICATION”. Both the journals are of high repute and impact factor.

  1. International Journal of Research in Technology (Starting year 2014)

ISSN No: 2394-9007

Impact Factor: 4.012 (2016), 3.449 (2015)

Approved by : National Science Library (NSL), Govt. of India

Subject Category: All branches of Engineering & Science

Frequency: Bi-monthly (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct and Dec)

Published Under: Asian Research & Training Publication (ISO 9001:2015)

Send your paper to [email protected]



    2. International Journal of  Computer & Advance Engineering Research (Starting year 2014)

ISSN No: 2395-4523

Impact Factor: 3.846 (2016)

Approved by : National Science Library (NSL), Govt. of India

Subject Category: All branches of Engineering & Science

Frequency: Bi-monthly (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov)

Published Under: Asian Research & Training Publication (ISO 9001:2015)

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If you sign up with our team you get access to the following benefits

  • We will help you to decide the area of thesis
  • We will provide you research papers of your field from reputed journal including IEEE, Elsevier and many more
  • We will help you in preparing synopsis of your chosen area
  • We will help you in getting proper results and conclusions of your valuable work
  • We will help you to prepare two research papers of your chosen field and to publish it in reputed International Journals
  • We will help you in thesis writing and providing matter chapter wise.
  • We will help you in preparing PPT for your final presentation
  • After award of degree, we will make your thesis online and can be seen from any part of the world. Now you do not need to keep your thesis book safely for life long. It will be available whenever you want



Research & Development Division team is a real example of professionalism and academic excellence. The majority of our experts are knowledge bank of their field. They have devoted their lives to thesis preparation, academic writing, completed dissertations of their own and know exactly what a strong dissertation or thesis requires. You’ll be able to stay in close contact with your expert throughout the thesis process and ask for drafts or progress reports if needed. Your academic excellence is our primary concern, so you’ll do everything in our power to ensure that your dissertation or thesis arrives on time and of the exact quality you’re looking for regardless of how impossibly perplexing the topic may seem or how tough the deadline is.


Please take a second to check our pricing tables for Thesis writing. Total fee that we charge will depend on time you give to us for preparing your specified work. If you have one, don't fret and contact support to get the price quote.

Level / Deadline

25-30 days

31-60 days

61-90 days

91-120 days


151-180 K or more















You can prepare two research papers mandatory for your thesis submission. If you prepare two research papers then we will charge Rs. 4000/- for publishing two research papers online in two different journals of good repute and can be seen from any part of the world.

If you are not able to prepare research papers then we will help you in writing papers. In such case Rs. 1000/- per paper will be charged extra other than publication charge.

Level / Deadline

05-06 months

07-12 months

13-18 months

19-24 months

25-30 Months

31-36 months









3-3.5 L

2.5-3 L

2-2.5 L

2-2.5 L

1.75-2 L


Payment Conditions

Step-1: Just Register yourself with all necessary details. Do not pay at the time of registration.

Step-2: We will send you the confirmation mail about your work. Then you have to pay 20% of the amount decided as per your plan. After receiving of payment, you will get 2-3 base papers from reputed journals for your reference which will help you to understand the exact work.

Step-3: After some days you will get email notification about the preparation of synopsis of your work. At that time you have to pay 30% of the decided amount.

Step-4: After receiving of 30% payment, you will get synopsis and complete details of your Research & Development Guide to whom you may chat directly about your work or any correction/suggestion in your synopsis.

Step-5: When your synopsis is approved by your guide, then you have to mail us about the consent of further proceeding. Research & Development Guide will start working on your proposed work and will contact you time to time about the development of your work and specialized training related to your work. In this duration your review paper based on literature survey will be published in reputed journal and its copy will be sent to you. You have to pay the paper publication charge depending upon the Journal.

Step-6: When your work is complete, you will get notified about the work and our Research & Development  guide will prepare PPT presentation for your internal submission but you will get it after the payment of 30% of decided amount. You may correct/suggest your work according to your college guide with the mutual consent of Research & Development Guide.

Step-7: Final complete thesis with all prepared chapters and required attachment will be given to you in CD after the remaining payment of 20%. At final stage you have to pay the publication charge of 2nd paper which will be based on your thesis work.

NOTE: Paper Publication Charge is other than the Charge of Decided amount of Thesis and this amount will be communicated to you.